The new Lemosho-Mweka route is one of the two routes on the west side of the Kilimanjaro. The other one is the Shira-plateau route. The Lemosho route is winning more popularity over the last years. This route is climbable in at least 7 days. The Lemosho route will merge into the Machame route on day 5.

There are a lot of variations on this route. Our standard ‘Shira Huts route’ takes the Barafu route to Uhuru Peak (the top). The way back will be done via the Mweka route.

Alternatives and variations on this route are via Shira Ridge, Shira Cathedral, Moir Huts, Reusch Crater and/ or Ash Pit. The choice will be made together.

8-Day climb

Taking an extra acclimatization day is definitely a possibility. According to which route is chosen, these will be held at Lava Tower Campside, Karanga Valley Campsite, Moir Huts and or Crater Campsite.

Western Breach

On the Lemosho route there is an option to climb to the top via the more direct but also more dangerous “Western Breach” instead of climbing via Barafu camp. We also offer to climb via this route. If you would like to do so, please contact us.

Route options:
Lemosho-Shira Huts 
• 7 days climbDeparture dates & booking
• 8 days climb (1 acclimatization day) Departure dates & booking
• 9 days climb (2 acclimatization days) Departure dates & booking

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Day 1

After registration at the Londorossi Gate, a 4×4 jeep will take you up the first part of the mountain (a 20-minute ride). After that, the real path starts.

From this point, it will be about a two-hour walk before you reach Forrest Camp. Also known as Big Tree Camp or Mti Mkubwa. This will be at an altitude of 2.650m.

The walk through the forest is beautiful and you will have the chance to see the blue meercat and fringe monkeys.

Day 2

Today you will walk a quarter of the route through the rain forest. A big fallen tree marks the end of the rain forest. From this point on the vegetation clearly decreases and the first heather plants come into sight.

Somewhere halfway the route we will take a lunch break. Not long after, Kibo, Shira Ridge and Shira Plateau will rise in front of you.

After that, we will arrive at Shira 1 Camp. The end destination for today.

Day 3

There are two possible routes to Shira Huts (also called Fisher Camp or Shira2): the standard route (8,5km) and the alternative (but recommended) Shira Cathedral route (10,8km)

The standard route takes you via the fastest route straight to the Shira Plateau. Not a bad choice.

The alternative Shira Cathedral route goes via a more tortuous route alongside the Shira Ridge and then towards the north in the direction of the Shira Huts. One of the plus sides of this longer route is better acclimatization. On this route, you will climb up till 3.720m at Shira Cathedral to then go down a bit and then climb again up till 3.840m. This will be the destination for today. The Shira Huts. You will be treated with a stunning view from the Cathedral.

Moire Huts-route
Instead of taking the route to the Shira Huts, there is an alternative, a little longer, northern route to the Moire-Huts. The next day the paths will come together again at the Lava Tower Campsite.

It is possible to take an acclimatization day at Moire Huts.

Day 4

From the Shira Huts, we will walk via Lava Tower (or via the little bit easier, but less beautiful southern route underneath Lava Tower) to Barranco Huts. The destination for today.

From the point of the Barranco Huts, the route will be the same route as the Machame route.

The ones who chose the Western Breach route, camp at Lava Tower Camp and climb up to Arrow Glacier camp today.

Day 5

The fifth day starts with a steep climb up on the Great Barranco Wall (a 250m climb). This day can be split into two parts (the 8 and 9-day options). In this case, you will camp in the very beautiful Karanga Valley Kamp (4.040m). The ones who do the 7-day option walk straight to the last camp, Barafu (Swahili for ice).

Day 6

Late in the evening (around 11 pm), the guide will wake you up. You will receive breakfast and warm drinks.

After breakfast, we will start our climb to the top! There will not be a lot of reference points along the way but after a good walk, we will reach Stella Point (5.752m, already enough for a certificate!), to continue our climb until we reach our final goal of the climb, Uhuru Peak (5.895m). Enjoy the magnificent views over Africa and see one of the most spectacular sunrises you will ever see! You can absolutely be proud of your accomplishment!

After taking some nice pictures we will go down, back to Barafu camp. After we reached Barafu camp we will take an hour break to have some rest and we will have a good lunch together. After lunch, we will go down to Mweka camp.

Day 7

After breakfast, we will go down to Mweka camp. When we reach Mweka camp we will undergo some formalities to then step into the bus that’s already waiting for us. Back in the hotel, a well deserved warm shower awaits you!

Prices Lemosho

Prices upon request

Departure dates

The departure date could be any day of the year. It’s best to book at least 5 weeks in advance so that you can prepare yourself for the climb.

Already prepared (think about visas and vaccinations) and you would like to leave for Tanzania within a week? Contact us and we will most likely be able to realize it for you!