The Marangu route is often called the “Coca-Cola“-route and has the reputation to be the easiest route out of the five. An important reason for this is the fact that this is the only route where the nights will be spend in wooden huts instead of tents. The daily difference in altitude is comparable to the Machame route.

The fact that the path upwards is the same path the way back is sometimes seen as a downside. In reality, this is mostly not experienced as a bad thing. The Marangu route is very beautiful and going the other way, you experience the route differently. A fun aspect is that you will meet climbers on the way back who are still on their way to the top (and visa versa), this often leads to nice conversations.

There are two different routes between the Horombo Huts and the Kibo Huts. Our guide will normally take one route on the way up and the other one on the way down so that you can enjoy the views from both routes.

Pay attention! 5 days is very short and tough, and therefore will only recommend choosing for the 5 day option for the ones who are well trained.

6-day climb

An acclimatization day is possible in Horombo Huts (3.720m). This day can be spent in front of the huts, or for an even better result, you can choose to walk to the Mawenzi Huts (4.538m) and back to the Horomba Huts.

Route options:
• 5-day climbDeparture dates & booking
• 6-day climb (1 acclimatization day)Departute dates & booking

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Day 1

After being picked up at your hotel, you will be brought to the Marangu route for the registration process. After the registration, you will walk into the park and the walk towards the highest point of Africa begins! The first day is a relatively calm and easy walk through the tropical rainforest and we will also pass some beautiful waterfalls. On the way, you can spot the blue meercat, fringe monkeys and green baboons!

Roughly halfway towards the Mandara huts, we will make a lunch stop at the Kisamboni picknick tables.

After arriving at the Mandara huts we can, after brushing ourselves up, make a 15 minute walk to the Maundi Krater.

Dag 2

We will start our walk on the same forest path as the one we took yesterday in the direction of the Maundi Krater, but this time we will pass the krater. The T-split towards the Krater and the Horombo huts marks the end of the foresty environment and we will walk into the so-called moorland. After a short walk the two high peaks, Kibo and Mawenzi loom up in front of us.

After about 3,3-5 hours of walking, we will have a lunch break. After lunch, it will take us about 1,5-2 hours to our destination for today, the Horombo Huts.

Horombo Huts is a lively stop where Climbers of the Marangu route who are on their way to the top stay overnight as well as the people who are on their way back. Also, the climbers from the Rongai route stay here in their tents as well as the people who have the extra acclimatization day (6-day climb).

Day 3

On this day, the guide has a choice between two routes, the shorter (9,2km) southern route and the little bit longer (10km) northern route. In case you had an acclimatization day in Horombo and walked up to the Mawenzi huts then you have seen a part of the northern route so the best option would be to take the southern route. In case you don’t have an acclimatization day, the best choice would be to go for the northern route where you can see the beautiful Zebra Rocks on the way. You will, in this case, take the southern route on the way back.

We will assume that you chose for an acclimatization day and we will describe the southern route for you:

The walk starts off quite steep and reaches until the last parts of moorland. After a little while, you will reach the windy alpine desert, called the Saddle. We will look for a sheltered place to have lunch.

After lunch, the path will continue towards Jiwe Lainkoyo, a place marked by a big stone (jiwe means stone in Swahili). Jiwe Lainkoyo is the point where the northern and southern route merge. Je will be able to spot the Kibo huts but it will take us about an hour before we reach them. Kibo Huts, the last camp on our way to the top, is our destination for today.

Day 4

Late in the evening (around 23:00), the guide will wake you up. You will get a small breakfast and warm drinks.

After breakfast, we will start our climb to the top! There will not be a lot of reference points along the way but after a good walk, we will reach Stella Point (5.752m, already enough for a certificate!), to continue our climb until we reach our final goal of the climb, Uhuru Peak (5.895m). Enjoy the magnificent views over Africa and see one of the most spectacular sunrises you will ever see! You can absolutely be proud of your accomplishment!

After taking some nice pictures we will go down, back to Kibo Huts. After we reached Kibo Huts we will take a few hours break to have a good rest and we will consume a good lunch together. After lunch, we will go down to Horombo Huts via the northern or southern route.

Day 5

After breakfast, we will go all the way down to Marangu Gate (18km). On the way back we will make a stop for lunch at the Mandara Huts. After we arrived at the Marangu gate we will undergo some formalities after which we will hup into the bus that’s already waiting for us. Back in the hotel, a well deserved warm shower awaits you!

Prices Marangu

Prices upon request.

Departure Dates

The departure date could be any day of the year. It’s best to book at least 5 weeks in advance so that you can prepare yourself for the climb.

Already prepared (think about visas and vaccinations) and you would like to leave for Tanzania within a week? Contact us and we will most likely be able to realize it for you!