The first part of the route (also known as Loitokitok – or Nalemuru route) starts on the bare northern slopes of the Kilimanjaro. But although the landscape might not be as beautiful as the other routes, the presence of a lot of wildlife and the impressive silence that you can experience can make up for that.

On the way back from the summit, you will follow the Marangu route. All that you might have missed on the more bare path to the top, you will experience on the overgrown paths of the Marangu route.

6-day climb

It’s possible to take an extra acclimatization day. In this case, we will take an alternative (and very beautiful) route from day two.

Because this route is more beautiful and offers better acclimatization, we strongly recommend the 6-day option.

Route options:
• 5-day climbDeparture dates & booking
• 6-day climb (1 acclimatization day) Departure dates & booking


Day 1

After registration at the Rongai Gate, the route to the summit begins. The first day you will walk through quite a bare landscape with multiple sorts of flora. This continues until you reach a more foresty area. Although this forest is not of the same caliber as the ones on the south side of the mountain. After a little while, you will reach a heathery landscape.

Although the forest on the north side is not as thick, you will have a big chance to spot wildlife. The chance to see big groups of fringe monkeys are very big!

At the end of day one you will arrive the First Cave Campside at an altitude of 2,650m). Although the name would suggest otherwise, there are no caves around. Snacks and warm drinks are waiting for you.

Day 2

Today we will talk in a rocky heather landscape. We will have lunch on 3,450m at “Second Cave”. The 6-day route will split here from the 5-day one. On the 6-day route, we will walk in the south-east direction towards Mawenzi from this point. Mawenzi is the second peak of the Kilimanjaro.

From this point, it will be about two hours walk to our destination for today. The Third Cave Campsite.

You will receive a snack and warm drinks upon arrival. Later on, dinner will be served.

Day 3

The path today starts off quite flat but continues to become more and steeper. Most of the time, we will arrive at the Mawenzi Tarn Huts quite early. You will have the time to discover the direct and beautiful area around the campsite.

Always take a guide with you in case you would want to dive into the tarn! This is a recommended experience.

Day 4

We will spend the fourth day on the north-western slopes of Mawenzi. The path will end up in The Saddle. A bare and windy but beautiful desert area.

After crossing the saddle, we will arrive at School Huts (not far from Kibo Huts).

Try to get enough sleep today. Tomorrow it’s time to climb to the summit!

Day 5

The guide will wake you up around 23:30. There will be a simple breakfast and warm drinks. After breakfast, we will start the last part of the climb! Are you ready to be amazed?

The path will eventually merge with the Marangu route, and on the way to the summit, we will cross Hans Meyer Cave (5,151m), Gillman’s Point (5,703m), Stella Point (5,752m) to eventually reach Uhuru Peak (5,895m). Enjoy the magnificent views over Africa and see one of the most spectacular sunrises you will ever see! You can absolutely be proud of your accomplishment!

After taking some nice pictures we will go down, back to Kibo Huts. After we reached Kibo Huts we will take a few hours break to have a good rest and we will consume a good lunch together. After lunch, we will go down to Horombo Huts via the northern or southern route.

We will take a few hours break at Kibo Huts before we go down further (via the northern or southern route, see day 3 of Marangu) to Horombo Huts, our destination for today.

In Horombo Huts a snack and warm drinks will be waiting for you, followed up with dinner!

Dag 6

After breakfast, we will go all the way down to Marangu Gate (18km). On the way back we will make a stop for lunch at the Mandara Huts. After we arrived at the Marangu gate we will undergo some formalities after which we will hup into the bus that’s already waiting for us. Back in the hotel, a well deserved warm shower awaits you!

Prices Rongai

Prices upon request

Departure dates

The departure date could be any day of the year. It’s best to book at least 5 weeks in advance so that you can prepare yourself for the climb.

Already prepared (think about visas and vaccinations) and you would like to leave for Tanzania within a week? Contact us and we will most likely be able to realize it for you!