The following materials are provided by us:

     • Kitchen/cooking supplies
     • Tents (not necessary on the Marangu-route)
     • Sleeping bag
     • Sleeping mat (not necessary on the Marangu-route)

We will also provide soap and toilet paper.

Not Included

Not included are:

     • A pillow (on the Marangu route we will provide a pillow cover)
     • Headlight 
     • Walking sticks

   • Thermal clothing/base layer (shirt)
     • Fleece sweater
     • Soft Shell (thicker fleece jacket with Gore-Tex)
     • Coat (waterproof)
     • Sport/mountain pants, thicker
     • Sport/mountain pants lighter
     • Woolen hat
     • Balaclava
     • Gloves
     • Raincoat
     • Rain pants
     • Thick socks (gaiters)

A lot of these necessary materials are also possible to rent.

     • Good hiking boots. These are possible to rent but we advise to bring your own shoes to make sure they are comfortable enough for you for the big climb.

Personal items

Because the next items are very personal, it’s best to bring them yourself. We have some of these items in stock to buy or rent. Others may be available in Moshi.

     • Socks
     • A hat
     • Sunglasses. (With UV-filter and polarised preferably)
     • Bidons
     • Small backpack with items for during the climb. (see below)
     • Sleeping bag liner
     • Knee braces or bandage (In case of bad knees)
     • Toiletries (toothpaste, toothbrush, contact lens solution, spare lenses, etc.)

A sleeping bag liner is an inner sleeve for your sleeping bag. This gives the option to make your sleeping bag warmer in case you could need a warmer bag. Some liners are made of diuretic materials.


When choosing a backpack, one you will carry throughout the whole climb, keep in mind all the items that have to fit in:

     • Packed lunch and (self brought) snacks
     • A few 1-liter bottles of water
     • Extra warm clothes/ raincoat
     • Sunscreen and maybe lip balm
     • Plastic bin bags (a few)
     • Toiletpaper / tissues
     • A camera if you wish


Travel light! The less you bring, the easier the climb will be for you. The maximum weight you are allowed to give the carriers is 10kg per person. Try to give them less than a maximum of 10kg to carry. This is excluding the items you carry with you yourself.