Conquer the Kilimanjaro

With 5,895 meters, the highest mountain of Africa as well as the highest detached mountain in the world! And you can conquer it! We organize climbs whole year-round via one of the five routes to the top. Have a look at the climate diagram underneath the map.

For all routes, we strongly advise taking at least one extra day for acclimatization. This lowers the risk of altitude sickness considerably, improves the overall experience and increases the chance to reach the summit, Uhuru Peak.

Trail signs

Five routes, one goal

There are five routes that reach to the top. Click on the links below for important characteristics and day-to-day descriptions of the different routes. You can pick the one that appeals to you the most!


This is the only route where you will stay in huts during the whole climb. A popular route, seen as relatively easy. The way to the top is the same as the way down.

Complete description Marangu route


The Machame route is also a popular one, also seen as relatively easy. On the way back, the Marangu route will be taken.

Complete description Machame route


Still a less known route on the west slope of the Kilimanjaro. The route is now increasing in popularity due to the many route options it offers.

Complete description Lemosho route


A quieter and less known route. Because the route is a quieter one with fewer climbers, the chances of spotting wildlife are bigger. The route starts at the barer northern side of the Kilimanjaro.

Complete description Rongai route


Known to be a relatively tough route. The first two days have quite steep paths. After that, the route continues over the same paths as the Machame route.

Complete description Umbwe route