You can’t miss him with its 4.562 meters high peak. Most people come to the area to see or climb the Kilimanjaro. You would almost forget about mount Meru. But that would be a shame. Mount Meru has its own unique beauty and experience. Definitely worth a visit.

Mt. Meru, which is actually an active volcano (!) offers a whimsical environment. There are no glaciers, but the mountain definitely makes up for that with all the wildlife that lives there (Meru is situated in the middle of Arusha National Park).

Mount Meru is a mountain to be taken seriously. The mountain is less high than its big brother. But we wouldn’t say it’s that much easier to reach the top. It’s possible with us to climb mount Meru as well as the Kilimanjaro. Besides the fact that climbing mount Meru will make you get even more out of your trip to Tanzania, it will also help you to acclimatise perfectly for the climb to Kilimanjaro’s ultimate goal, Uhuru Peak.

Statistic fact: Second highest mountain in Tanzania. The tenth highest mountain of the whole African continent.

Route options:
• 3 day climbDeparture dates and booking
• 4 day climbDeparture dates and booking


Day 1

After being picked up at your hotel, we will drive to the Momela gate for the registration process. Right after the registration, we will go into the park with a ranger. Although there is one route that leads to the top, on day 1 we will have a choice between two paths that both lead to the Miriakamba huts. There is a longer and a shorter route.

On the way to the top, we recommend taking the longer route so that you can take the shorter one on the way back when you are more tired after the climb.

The longer path is a 4×4 road for the biggest part. It has several nice viewings, such as the famous bent vig tree and the Maio waterfalls. During the walk, you will be able to spot bush-buck, fringe monkeys and other wildlife. Towards the end of the path, you cross the krater Savanna where you can spot a wide variety of wildlife!

After we’ve reached the Mirakamba huts, a snack (such as popcorn or biscuits) and warm drinks will be served. A bit later we’ll have a nice dinner.

Day 2

On this day we will start in the krater Savanna, followed by a long zig-zag climb through forests and savannas. Today we will still be guided by a ranger because also on this route, we can still cross paths with buffalos and elephants!

After an hour or two we will make a lunch stop at Mgono Wa Tembo (the elephants back). We will be about halfway to our destination of today, the Saddle Huts.

When we rested for a bit after we arrived at the Saddle Huts, we will make a small climb to Little Meru (3.801m). Besides the fact that this walk is beautiful, it is also very good for your acclimatization.

Day 3

Around midnight you will be woken up by the guide. There will be a simple breakfast with warm drinks.

After breakfast, we will now really start our climb to the top! On our way, we will first pass Rhino point (3,882m) to, just before sunrise, arrive at Socialist Peak (4,562m). You will see the sunrise over the Kilimanjaro. A panorama that you will never forget.

After a good photo session with the sign and metal flag, we will go back down to the Saddle Huts.

After taking some rest, we will continue our journey to the Miriakamba Huts. In Miriakamba, the breakfast awaits.

Those who climb the mountain in 3 days instead of 4, will not stop in Miriakamba, but will walk straight back to the gate.

Day 4

We will go down to the Momela Gate after breakfast, via the short route.

On this shorter, steep path down, you will be treated with a fantastic panorama over the Arusha National Park in the direction of the Momela Lakes.

After the steep descent, we will cross the Meru savanna. At this point, you will be able to spot the African buffalo, giraffe, elephants and other typical savanna wildlife!

On our way, there will also be the option to visit the Tululusia waterfall. The waterfall is not far from the path we are taking.

Upon arrival at the Momela gate, our transportation will be waiting for us to bring us back to the hotel where a good warm shower awaits you.