The tropical island Zanzibar (or Unguja, as the island is known in the local Swahili language) is part of Tanzania. Zanzibar is known for its exotic white beaches which perfectly merge into the azure blue Indian Ocean.

It is the perfect place to let go of all your stress and sore muscles of the climb while relaxing underneath a bent palm tree. A perfect island to completely recharge yourself.

But Zanzibar has more to offer then unaffected beaches. The island is also called “spice island”; you can visit the original spice plantations. You can also go for a beautiful dive and let yourself be moved by the incredible colourful underwater world.

Consider taking some time exploring the capital, Stone Town, with its Arabic influences. In this city, you can visit the Sultans palace, wander around the old markets and take a look at all the art and paintings that are sold for a good price.